Qualification of ESD Control Items

Independent Laboratory Evaluations

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Floorings for Electrostatic Protected Areas and Healthcare

Test methods: IEC 61340-4-1:2004+A1:2015, IEC 61340-4-5:2018.                 

Criteria: IEC 61340-5-1:2016, IEC 61340-6-1:2018.

Qualification data (Name and type of the qualified item, identification, and technical report):

ARMEKA Nano Epoxy Economy SL, C632/2019 v1.1-4.4.2020,

ARMEKA PHERON ECONOMY SL, C631/2019 v1.0-17.6.2019,

ARMEKA ESD STB, Screed epoxy flooring, C578/2018 v1.0-26.8.2018,

ARMEKA PHERON ESD STB, Pheron flooring, C579/2018 v1.0-26.8.2018.