Qualification of ESD Control Items

Independent Laboratory Evaluations

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Qualification of ESD Control Items

Organisations shall qualify ESD control items that are selected for use as part of the ESD control program. A product specification review, independent laboratory evaluation or internal laboratory evaluation can be used. A comprehensive review is a complicated process for those who cannot continuously follow the standard development. The review cannot be completed without the knowledge of required test methods, limits, and conditions. It must be recognised that product data sheets are not necessarily based on the laboratory evaluation in required conditions. Brochures cannot be used for qualification if the responsibility of testing is reversed to the customer as commonly stated in product data sheets. This page is published to assist organisations to make usage decisions for ESD control items. A qualification data of accepted items under logos is based on the laboratory evaluations of Cascade Metrology. A full technical report may be requested form the client when necessary.   

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Click the logo to see the qualification data